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Medieval Fighting Iron League is the competitive league of one-on-one full contact medieval fighting created by Estonian Historical Fencing Association. At the end of each year the winner of the season is declared.

Rules of Medieval Fighting Iron League (.pdf)

TOTAL RATINGS of Iron League

Ratings of Season 2016
Ratings of Season 2015
Ratings of Season 2014

Rating system of Iron League
  • Iron League uses two different ratings tables from witch one is SEASONAL and another is TOTAL. At the end of each season the winner of the season is declared.
  • Open tourneys of the Iron League are open for all participants. In an open tourney, the winner of the match is awarded 2 points, while the rating of the defeated opponent remains unchanged. In case of a tie, both participants receive 1 point.
  • Any Iron League match that is held outside an open tourney is called a single match. In a single match, the winner gains 2 points, while the defeated opponent loses 2 points.  If the defeated opponent has a rating of 0 to begin with, the winner will not earn points from the match. In case of a tie, the ratings of both participants remain unchanged.
  • The rating chart is ordered by the total number of points each fighter has gained. If the number of points is equal, the number of fights is taken into account next when determining the rank and then the number of victories. Fighters of equal ranking are ordered by their given name.
Fights of Iron League (blog coverage with images)
Iron League official Facebook page
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