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Estonian Historical Fencing Association (EAML)

Estonian Historical Fencing Association (Eesti Ajaloolise Mõõgavõitluse Liit – EAML) is a nonprofit organization that unites the majority of historical fighting clubs in Estonia. The main goal of EAML is developing sportive historical fighting in Estonia, uniting the Estonian historical fighting clubs and representing them abroad.

 The founders of EAML have arranged historical fencing tournaments in Estonia since 2006. The organization itself was registered in 2011. EAML organizes an average of ten tournaments per year in various locations and holds regular training sessions all over the country.


MTÜ Eesti Ajaloolise Mõõgavõitluse Liit
Reg. Nr. 80331455
IBAN: EE562200221053230703 Swedbank

Address: Puiestee 36, Tartu 50303, Estonia
Phone: +372 5393 2623


2010 Tallinna vanalinnapäevad; Foto: Valhalla