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IMCF World Championships 2015

2015_05_Malbork_IMCF_Olivier_Laublin_Photography_29Picture: Team Estonia in 2015 IMCF World Championships in Malbork.
Photo: Laublin Photography

Team Estonia in IMCF World Championships 2015

2015 IMCF World Championships held in Malbork during the month of May was the first time for Estonians to participate in the IMCF tournament. The team was very pleased with the rules governing the fighting, as well as the organization of the event.

2015_05_Malbork_IMCF_Marta_Malgorzata_Wroblewska_02Picture: Estonia vs Poland in Malbork. Photo: Marta Małgorzata Wroblewska

Estonian fighter Jaan Murumets won the bronze medal

Estonian fighter Jaan Murumets a.k.a. Barbar (club Turm, Tartu) won the bronze medal in the sword and shield category in Malbork. Murumets defeated fighters from Ireland, South Africa, Lithuania and Austria, losing only to England (Lukasz Kowal, silver) and Poland (Marcin Waszkielis, gold). The sword and shield category had competiors from 24 countries.

 2015_05_Malbork_IMCF_Marta_Malgorzata_Wroblewska_04Picture: Jaan Murumets vs Austria.  Photo: Marta Małgorzata Wroblewska

Video: Jaan Murumets vs Marcin Waszkielis (Poland, gold)

Video: Jaan Murumets vs Ireland (round 1 from 4:44, round 2 from 7:08):

 Estonian fighters in Malbork

 In 2015 IMCF World Championships in Malbork participated:

1. Ivan Gremov (captain, 5vs5)
2. Jaan Murumets (5vs5, duel with sword and shield)
3. Albert Bulanov (5vs5)
4. Mihhail Balkanski (5vs5)
5. Evert Laul (5vs5)
6. Henri Paves (duel with longsword)

Team ESTONIA-1 participated in Malbork with restricted composition because some fighters decided to join the team a week later in the Battle of the Nation.


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