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SAULA 2014 – Open Tournament on Historical Medieval Battle


September 6
Fortress of Viking Village, Saula, Estonia

Saula 2014

The first 5vs5 HMB buhurt tournament in Estonia


HMB Buhurt 5vs5 results:

1st Place – Team Estonian Historical Fencing Association (2 wins)
2nd Place – Team Latvia (1 wins)
3rd Place – Team Nordburg (0 wins)

HMB buhurt 5vs5 protocol
HMB buhurt 5vs5 teams

 HMB Duel 1vs1 (sword and shield) results:

1st Place – Vladimir Maksimenko, club Lübeck, Latvia
2nd Place – Jaan Murumets, club Turm, Estonia
3rd Place – Jaekov Konstantin Kenst, club Excalibur, Latvia

HMB duel 1vs1 protocol


Tournament Saula 2014 was held under Unified International HMB rules of HMBIA.


Knight Marshal of the tournament was Grigori Jurtšak from Latvia.

Tournament was organized by Estonian Historical Fencing Association, Viking Village and Historical Medieval Battle International Association.

19 fighters from Estonia, Latvia and France participated in the tournament.

The following clubs were represented:

Excalibur (LV), Karu Klubi (EST), Komturia (LV), La Confrerie des Loups (FR), Lübeck (LV), Nordburg (EST), Soldknechte (EST), Turm (EST), Valhalla (EST)

Photo gallery


Saula 2014 HMB 5vs5 fights – Official video by Estonian Historical Fencing Association:

Full 1 hour documentary by Jaanus Silla (partly in English):

Article by Henry Linnard
in Estonian leading newspaper „Postimees“ (in Estonian)


On June 28, 2014, a tournament in medieval duels organized by the Estonian Historical Fencing Association was held in Pärnu. The winner of the tournament was Erik Kreivald (club Soldknechte, Tallinn), a young fighter who entered the tournament lists for the first time and won the prize – a brand new sword brought back from the Battle of the Nations, Croatia. Artur Panov (club Turm, Tartu) came second in the tournament.

The event also featured profigths of the Estonian Medieval Fighting Iron League. In the main fight, Jaan Murumets a.k.a. Barbar (club Turm, Tartu), the fighter no 1 of the Battle of the Nations Team Estonia faced Vladimir Maksimenko a.k.a. Hartman (club Lübeck, Riga), the Captain of the Battle of the Nations Team Latvia. The match was over in two rounds and Hartman won. The final score was 25:16, favoring Hartman.

The tournament in Pärnu is one of the largest medieval fighting tournaments in Estonia and it was held annually for the ninth time. The IX Pärnu Hanseatic Days Knight Tournament had 17 participants from Estonia and Latvia. Nine took part in the medieval duel category and eight took part in the Iron League profights. The participating clubs were Lübeck (Riga), Komturia (Riga), Nordburg (Tallinn), Soldknechte (Tallinn), Turm (Tartu) and Valhalla (Tallinn).

Rules for Medieval duel 1vs1
Rules for Estonian Medieval Fighting Iron League


Winner of medieval duels Erik Kreivald. Photo: Inga Gussarova.

Barbar vs Hartman

Main fight of Estonian Medieval Fighting Iron League – Hartman vs Barbar

Photo gallery

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