On Saturday, July 1, in Pärnu, Estonia

XII Pärnu Hanseatic Days Knight Tournament was held on 2017 AD. Despite the weather and smaller number of participants than usual, the event turned out fine.


The highlight of the event turned out to be the Iron League welterweight match between Maksim Sidnev a.k.a. Skeggolf (Valhalla, Tallinn, 60 kg) and Tommi Havo (Medieval Fight Club, Lappeenranta, 65 kg). The fighters of such body weight have trouble finding opponents of their own weight category, so, Tommi Havo, who had not participated in Iron League before, traveled to Estonia specifically for this match. The fighters were both fast and high-octane, not showing any signs of the usual heavyweight hugging fest. After the third round the difference in the points was smaller than the difference in the corner judges’ scores – and a fourth round was deemed to be the most fitting course to break the near-tie. After that round the score was still even. After the fifth round the victory was given to Skeggolf, but the result was changed favoring Tommi after waching over the video recordings. However, for all effects and purposes, both fighters were equally matched. It was the first time in history that an Iron League match has ever reached a fifth round.


The second match was held between the overall Iron League rating leader Jaan Murumets a.k.a. Barbar (Turm, Tartu, 83 kg) and Julian Rizov (Komturia, Riga, 84 kg). However, Barbar decided to “warm up” to the fight by participating in the sword and shield tournament preceding the Iron League match – and as such, the match ended with his utter defeat, the point score 47:18 favoring the Latvian. That said, Barbar won the first place in the duels and was awarded with a sword made in Ukraine.


Image: Anastassia Sinkova
Head Marshal: Raivo Ird
Commentator: Karmo Kiilmann
Counters: Alla Tarnovskaja, Marija Poprošalova, Ingmar Ird, Aleksei Sosnovski
Video: Gleb Stsenov and club Valhalla


2017.04.15 – IMCFi eelvõistlused


15. aprillil 2017. a Tartus peetud IMCFi Maailmameistrivõistluste eelvõistluste tulemused.
Turniir toimus IMCFi reeglite järgi, turniiri peakohtunik oli Marko Kohv.

Võitlus pikkmõõkadega: Raivo Ird (Turm, Tartu) vs Nikolai Bõkov (Nordburg, Tallinn)
1. raund: 15:8 (võitja: Raivo Ird)
2. raund: 12:6 (võitja: Raivo Ird)
Võitja: Raivo Ird (2:0)

Võitlus hellebardidega: Nikolai Bõkov (Nordburg, Tallinn) vs Dmitri Hripunov (Nordburg, Tallinn)
Võitja: Nikolai Bõkov (tehniline võit)

Võitlus hellebardidega: Nikolai Bõkov (Nordburg, Tallinn) vs Henri Paves (Turm, Tartu)
1. raund: 13:15 (võitja: Henri Paves)
2. raund: 7:6 (võitja: Nikolai Bõkov)
3. raund: 8:7 (võitja: Nikolai Bõkov)
Võitja: Nikolai Bõkov (2:1)

Võitlus hellebardidega: Dmitri Hripunov (Nordburg, Tallinn) vs Henri Paves (Turm, Tartu)
1. raund: 12:3 (võitja: Dmitri Hripunov)
2. raund: 9:3 (võitja: Dmitri Hripunov)
Võitja: Dmitri Hripunov (2:0)