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Estonian Historical Fencing Association

NPO Estonian Historical Fencing Association is a sport club established in 2011. Founders of this organization have arranged tournaments of the historical sword fighting in Estonia since the year 2006.


Historical sword fighting

Historical swordsmanship is one of the traditional martial arts of the Western World. The terms are also used as "historical European swordsmanship" and "historical fencing". Historical swordsmanship does not include modern sport fencing.

The highest peak of historical sword fighting remains into Late Middle-Ages, but today has it gained much popularity due to historical reenactment and experimental archeology.

The rules of sportive historical sword fighting today are aiming to eliminate risks, the fight is realistic and competitive. Swords are made dull; fighters are wearing protective equipment made according to historical samples. The historical sword fighting in Estonia is following traditions of Eastern European fighting style: it is full contact, the fighters are collecting hit points as in boxing and combat will end if the round is over or one of the fighters have scored sum of hit points determined in rules.

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